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Jet Mud Mixer
    Jet Mud Mixer
Product Description:

Jet mud mixer also called mud mixing hopper. It is an equipment to match with the drilling mud solid control system. It is used for mixing and adjusting the proportion of drilling mud, changing the density, viscosity and water loss etc. It is can be designed one mud hooper with centrifugal pump, and also can be double hoppers with two centrifugal pumps. Also can be matched with shearing pump.


ModeFlowWork pressureMotor powerInlet sizeOutlet sizeEx-proof StandardWeightDimensions (mm)
JX750-45320 m3/h

0.25-0.4 Mpa

75 KWDN200 (8")DN150 (6")


2062 kgs2200x1840x1070
JX550-45270 m3/h55 KWDN200 (8")DN150 (6")1732 kgs2200x1840x1020
JX450-35200 m3/h45 KWDN150 (6")DN150 (6")1582 kgs2200x1840x1060
JX370-35150 m3/h37 KWDN150 (6")DN 150 (6")1492 kgs2200x1840x1060
JX300-35120 m3/h30 KWDN125 (5")DN 150 (6")1340 kgs2200x1840x1020