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Elliptical Vibrating Shale Shaker
    Elliptical Vibrating Shale Shaker
Product Description:

With higher requirement of dewatering for drilling fluid, the simple linear motion shale shaker can not meet requirement. Now we design the Elliptical vibration shale shaker. 

The main motor is 1.72KW, 2 motors, and the third motor is 0.4KW.


Model                                         JXEM704                                    
Vibration ModeElliptical Motion                   
Treating capacity150m3/h
Motor power
2*1.72KW + 0.4 KW
Screen Qty.4 pieces
Screen size1165* 585mm
Screen area2.73 m2
Vibration force≤ 7.5G
Aouble amplitude4.4-6.34mm
Deck adjustment-3~3°
Weir height885mm
Weight1633 kgs