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Vertical Cutting Dryer
    Vertical Cutting Dryer
Product Description:

Vertical cutting dryer is a kind of single stage horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge. The cutting dryer can recycle liquid phase in drilling cuttings effectively and the solids phase is very dry. The cutting dryer is suitable for water based mud, oil based mud and synthetic base mud. The recycling of cutting mud can reduce the drilling cost and environment pollution. The treating capacity is 40 to 50 tons per hour. Usually, the treated well cutting’s oil content is less than 3% and conform to the requirement of typical 6% OOC.

Models and Parameters

ModelJXVCD 930
Treating capacity30-50 t/h
Drying efficiency≤ 5%
Screen basket max. diameter                                930 mm
Screen basket gap0.25-0.5 mm
Rotary speed900/1200 rpm                                                         
Oil tank volume60 L
High pressure pump pressure20 Mpa
High pressure pump power11 KW
Main motor power55 KW 
Oil pump power0.55 KW
Washer pump power4 KW
G-force421 G
Explosion-proof gradeExDIIBt4
Weight5000 kgs
Dimensions2622 x 1750 x1808mm

 Vertical Cutting Dryer’s Features

1). The speed can reach 900 RPM and G force is 420G, the fluid can be easily separated out.
2). Discharging scrape material is high chromium, so it has long service life.
3). Assembled high pressure air knife, it can prevent the screen basket blocking effectively.
4). Each changeable parts were pasted dynamic balance testing thus make sure the whole equipment balance after the spare parts changing.
5). Independent oil cooling system, equipped with scientific tank cooling system can meet the high temperature environment working demand.
6). Discharge outlet can be equipped with auger conveyor, it is convenient for dry drilling cutting transport and equipment continuous working.
7). Equipped with German NETZSCH screw pump to cleaning cutting dryer and preventing the jam of solids size.