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Decanter Centrifuge
    Decanter Centrifuge
Product Description:

Decanter centrifuge is special designed for oil drilling fluid. It can finish the compete feeding, centrifugal sedimentation and discharge at full speed running. The decanter centrifuge is mainly used for recycling barite, removing small solids, reducing the solid content , controlling the density and viscosity to ensure the drilling fluid ‘s performance and play an important role in fast drilling. The separation size is 2-7 micron meters. The horizontal sedimentation type mud centrifuges are widely used in oil drilling industry.  

We have small capacity JXLW220 Model, they are fit for waste water treatment, water purification, ans they are widely selling in Malaysia.

Models and Parameters

Drum diameter (mm)220220360360450
Drum length (mm)670670121712171105
Max. treating capacity(m3/h)22454557
Effective capacity (m3/h)0.5-20.5-2303040
Drum max. speed48004800390039001800
Drum rated speed48000-480032000-32001800
Separation point2-52-52-52-55-7
Differential speed ratio95:157:157:157:157:1
Differential torque14001400350035003500
Main motor power(KW)7.57.5373745
Back motor power(KW)331111N/A
Weight (kg)750750330033002634

Decanter Centrifuge Features

1). The decanter centrifuge’s support is carbon steel Q235 material. The drum bowl is stainless stell 304 and other main parts are Q345 corrosion resistance material.

2). Decanter centrifuge’s screw propeller material is 1CR 18NI9TI, the screw side high wear-resistant cemented carbide。

3). Screw propeller’s diverson part and drum bowl’s discharge part have wear-resistant alloy suit to protect.

4). The weir height can be adjusted for meet different discharge requirement.

5). The electric cement is Siemens or Kreuznach brand.

6). The drum bowl is protected by supports to escape damage during delivery.

7). Decanter centrifuge’s motor is Nanyang Explosion brand or famous brand.

8). Decanter centrifuge suspension using high intensity seismic composite material.