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Linear Motion Shale Shaker
    Linear Motion Shale Shaker
Product Description:

Linear motion shale shaker is the first phase solid control equipment in oil well drilling. Its function is removing the bigger drilling cuttings in the drilling mud. Usually in one set solids control system, there are two sets of linear motion shale shaker on the mud tank, one set using, the other set in reserve. So the tank is also called shale shaker tank. 

All models and parameters below,

Vibration ModeLinear motion
Treating capacity70 m3/h120 m3/h150 m3/h150 m3/h
Motor power2x0.75KW2x1.5KW2x1.72KW2x1.94KW
Screen quantity2 pieces3 pieces4 pieces4 pieces
Screen size750 x 900mm1165x585mm1165 x585mm1165 x 585mm
Screen are1.35 m22.04  m22.73  m22.73  m2
Output force7.0 G7.2 G7.5 G8.0 G
Double amplitude3.92-5.63 mm4.14-5.96mm4.4-6.34mm4.4-6.34mm
Deck adjustment+2°-3 -+3°-3 -+3°-3 -+3°
Weir height550 mm885 mm885 mm885 mm
Weight837 kgs1365 kgs1553 kgs1520 kgs
Dimensions1940x1360x970 mm2322x1650x1400 mm2912x1650x1425 mm2650x1650x1425 mm

Features of Shale Shaker

      1). Shale shaker has high G force, bigger shaker areas, adjust deck.

      2). The shale shaker deck is sealed, the thickness can make sure more than ten years work.

      3). The bottom deck is stainless steel material, thus improve the working life.

      4). The deck is whole heat treatment, thus can meet the requirement the ling time high vibration work.

      5). The shaker screen is frame plate type, and the wedge-shaped block is easy to change screens.

      6). The vibration motor is famous brand, Martin or Oli.

      7). The electrical element is Siemens or Schneider.

      8). The feeding fluid type can designed from back input tank, top or hopper type to meet different working sites.